‘Life’: A New Chapter

by Maddie

So, welcome to a new section on Madeleine Mae. This one’s ‘Life’ – and to be frank, it’s rather self-explanatory. Didn’t really go creative on this one, did I?

We used to have a ‘Lifestyle’ section on the website. But since I redesigned, I wanted everything to be easy, look streamlined on the website itself and be super simple to navigate. Fancy a travel post? A life update? A snapshot into life in Bristol? All the best places to grab food in the city? A miscellaneous post I might do that doesn’t really fit in the other sections and I’ll panic throw it into ‘Life’ because I don’t know where else to put it? You’ll find all that and more within ‘Life’.

It’ll all become clearer as we actually get started around here, so I’m really lookin’ forward to that! Let’s hope in the next couple weeks I’ll be adding a couple new posts to ‘Life’ and we can get cracking around here, eh?

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