‘Music’: More of the same, but different

by Maddie
Did I tell you I’ve met and interviewed Lewis Capaldi? Ha, what a good joke – I don’t shut up about it

I toyed with the idea of deleting the ‘Music’ section from my blog. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to do any music-related posts, I just thought that maybe they could be lumped within the ‘Life’ section – because music is a rather large part of me lil life.

But because it is such a large part, I decided to honour it and give it its own wee section over here.

Now, when I was at University, I was given some pretty huge opportunities to interview some sick people: Lewis Capaldi, Nina Nesbitt, Sabrina Carpenter, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Deaf Havana, Emma Blackery, Ward Thomas… These were a few, and I got such insane opportunities through the University newspaper, Redbrick. I was such an avid writer for the music section before uni got too stressful, and I’m so grateful for the chances I got.

Nina, a babe x I remember I felt so ill this day, hence why I look like a bag o’ shite

I managed to get a few lil opps for myself just through this blog, alone. I used to review songs and interview people over the phone on the reg, and you can find all these posts in the section still, today. I also used to sing, play piano and guitar myself, and used to love performing. Since uni came its way and things got super busy, I kinda gave up that side of my life, a little.

But now I’m in my year ‘off’ (and by that I’m working full-time, so it’s not really a year ‘off’ but ah well, we’re trying to have a rest) I’d like to try again to get this music stuff off the ground. I’m not quite sure where this section is headed yet, but maybe I’ll get back into reviewing songs, having a cheeky interview here and there, and maybe I might even start up my Soundcloud again and record some stuff (would I ever? Let’s see, shall we?).

There’s a lot for me to still figure out about the new chapter of Madeleine Mae, but as I get into posting, I’m guessing a natural direction will head its way for my ‘Music’ writings. Here’s hoping!


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