FIRST LOOK: Tame Impala’s new album (before it’s out oot oot)

by Maddie

Happy Thursday y’all! Do you know one thing that’s v exciting and is happening tomorrow?! No, I do not mean Valentine’s Day – ain’t a fan of that consumerist, vomit-inducing holibobs. What I mean is the legendary Tame Impala is bringing out a new album! And here’s something exciting about tonight to get you in the excitable mood: I’m going to be reviewing it RIGHT NOW for you, because I’ve been given the chance to have a little listen BEFORE release date! *excited emoji alert*

So, we all know Tame Impala. If you don’t, do you live under a rock? Actually living with the (not so woozily cool name) of Kevin Parker, Tame Impala is on his fourth studio album. He’s owner of psychologically-entrancing hits such as ‘Let It Happen’ and ‘The Less I Know The Better’. He packs out festivals swaying to such tunes. From the first time I listened to ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Some of his biggest songs still creep into my head sometimes and I can’t get them out for a solid day. But instead of feeling frustrated at that prospect, it’s a joy. His songs are summers filled with ciders with pals. Hazy festivals, camping in tents and drinking anything within reach. And simultaneously, his songs are also cosy Sundays on the couch, vinyl record spinning. There’s a Tame Impala for every situation. And with his new album, ‘The Slow Rush’, approaching, is this also an album to transcend boundaries; one fit for every occasion? Let’s have a listen together, shall we?

Well, by listen, I mean I’m going to tell you my thoughts on each track tonight – and tomorrow, you’re going to have a listen when it comes out on the ol’ Spotify and let me know if you thought the same. Sound like a good deal? Here goes:

Track 1: One More Year

The opening song begins with the classic Tame Impala-laced techno suspense, but then it doesn’t really build to the I’m-in-a-field-and-it’s-Glastonbury-and-life-is-good euphoria of festival days. But then his voice enters, and its enchanting quality lures you in to the slower, chiller vibe. Throughout the track, the song keeps ebbing and flowing, never quite reaching the crazy high you’re hoping for. The amount of times the words ‘one more year’ is repeated, you’ll never forget the track title, that’s for sure. But as the song’s ending, the beat really gets going and you’re realising you’ve just been carefully led into an album that’s going to really go somewhere after this diluted opening. And you’re buzzing for track two – just like that.
Tame Impala-mood: Chilling with a vinyl crackling away on a lazy Sunday

Track 2: Instant Destiny

And boy, was I right?! ‘Instant Destiny’ is an *instant* win in my eyes (you see what I did? Cleverest thing I’ve ever done…). This feels more like the festival-fuelled promise of Tame Impala we all know and love! It’s damn catchy. I’ve listened to the album three times since last night to really get my thoughts on it, and I’m humming this one under my breath all day. It’s just the chorus, it’s just so damn catchy! Kevin falsettos, ‘I’m about to do something crazy’ – and pal, this song’s making me fall in love with Tame Impala all over again. And the ending of the psychedelic keys and almost sci-fi organ situation has you knowing Tame Impala is not here to mess around, oh no. He back.
Tame Impala-mood: Sipping God knows what at Glasto, swayin’ to the beat

Track 3: Borderline

Tame Impala meets funk here – because this track is FUNKY. And you’ll wanna turn this one up, because this is one funky bass line – it’s kinda stealin’ the show. It’s somehow simultaneously drunken-fuelled, having the time of your life PLUS lazy weekend listening, cuddled up in a blanket. It’s VIBING! It’s dark, it’s mysterious, it’s something incredible waiting to happen.
Tame Impala-mood: Those pre-drinks are starting; the night is brewing.

Track 4: Posthumous Forgiveness

A pretentious track title. The beginning riff kinda sounds like it’s ripping off ‘Redbone’, and I can’t stop thinking about that. But I’m willing to give it a try, because we all know Mr. Kevin Parker pulls through. This one’s a little slower and whinier; he’s going with a real John Lennon vibe here. In fact, he seems to be taking heavy inspo from a few people. The chorus has the bass drum thumpin’ and you’re thinking it might get somewhere, but then it drafts back into the thumping slower vibe of before. And then ‘Redbone’ starts again. I keep thinking Childish Gambino is about to sing. It’s all very disorientating. Donald, where are you? And just when you think the song is slowing down for its ending, you’ve got another 2 and a half minutes left, which sound like a completely different song. I. Am. Confusion. (See: popular vine).
Tame Impala-mood: Never listen to this whilst intoxicated in any way – it’s confusing enough as it is.

Track 5: Breathe Deeper

But before we begin losing hope, it’s all gucci. Because Breathe Deeper is a solid 10 in my eyes! We got funky beats, we got chilled funky vibes, we got easily repetitive lyrics that’ll loop round your mind and welcomingly attack your memory when you’re least expecting it. This one’s unmistakably upbeat as fook. It’s virtually impossible not to toe tap. I was just quickly checking something on my phone whilst drafting this, and realised I was absentmindedly rocking back and forth (thank God no one else was in the house, I’d have looked possessed lol).
Tame Impala-mood: Bevving it up with pals in the park in summer

Track 6: Tomorrow’s Dust

Well, the track starts one way – and then utterly changes after a couple bars. It’s disorientating, but in a hugely satisfying way. We’ve got an acoustic guitar in this one – it’s almost banjo-like. Tame Impala meets country? Sounds like a joke, but if it wasn’t for the funky beat, we’d be veering towards barn dancing territory. But I gotta say, it’s a nice touch to pair something so acoustic with something so desperately far from there. Let’s call it acous-tech. I’m coining that term. Trademarked. It’s mine, okay?
Tame Impala-mood: When you know you should wind down for bed, but kind of don’t feel ready to

Okay, that’s it. I’ve already given you too much. We want to leave a lil bit to the imagination ready for tomorrow, like a seductress on Valentine’s, don’t we now? Happy V Day – now go spend it with Tame Impala’s new album – it’s more emotionally engaging than your ex. And perfect for whatever mood you want to be in tomorrow: drink, have a good time and forget, or cosy up with a blanket and cuddle.

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