How to tackle the all-white fashion trend to be street-style ready from ya living room

by Maddie

Long time no fashion chat, eh? I felt things had gotten a lil heavy ‘round these parts, what with the world feeling like it’s ending and us feeling guilty for talking about anything but you-know-what-the-thing-that-shan’t-be-named. But f*** it, because for today’s post, I wanted a whole freakin’ normality pie (and not just a slice) so we’re going back to basics and coming back with some OG style-related content for your Sunday readin’.

These socks scream sass to me and I love them

The Trend

Two things that are important to me, and all of us, right now: 1) doing something that makes us happy. Just doing you. Anything that makes ya soul sing to make your days more positive and 2) something to keep our tiny little brains occupied – perhaps a challenge to undertake to keep us busy. Now, that’s precisely why I chose this trend to rock up in for today’s post: the all-white vibe that’s been doing the rounds in fashion magazines, online and through the ol’ street-style fave of Instagram.

Dressing all-white would have been something I’d have practically guffawed at just mere months ago – sure that it was just a trend assigned to Antartic eskimos and the disastrous members of East 17. However, the instant I started to see all-white ootds taking over my magazine pages and precious scrolling time on Insta, I knew it was a trend I, insanely, absolutely adored. However, it was also one I was still reluctant to try, for fear of looking like an absolute idiot.

Grab a bev this lazy Sunday, have a read and try out this trend for yo self

And that’s why the all-white trend ticks both of my important-to-me-feelin’-happy boxes at this crazy time. It’s 1) a trend I adore and would love to try and gettin’ all dressed up even to just sit in my living room sometimes has a crazy way of making me feel more myself at the moment and 2) it’s a challenge, not only due to its seemingly hard-to-pull-off-yet-also-weirdly-effortless vibe, I just dare you to put an all-white combo on and then attempt to eat ANY food whilst wearing it. A potential spill hazard = the perfect challenge.

So, I made it my task this week to put together three all-white looks from my wardrobe to try and reach the effortlessly cool levels of fashion stylists and street style stars world over, because clearly this is very important to read at this time. Aka, it’s very much not. But we like a bit of light relief, don’t we?

Lewk Numero Uno

Square-neck milkmaid-esque dotty top: H&M – only available on the US site currently, keep lookin’ for it to be restocked soon on the UK site
Sleek long-adored white dungarees: old Topshop, but this playsuit is very similar

Now, this is a versatile LEWK for two reasons. Firstly, you can make little to no effort getting ready in the morn, because the dungarees carry off this look and they’re insanely comfortable, meaning it’s the perfect outfit for a lazy day. And secondly, throw the all-white sitch in and you’re suddenly sleek, suave and look like you’ve got your life SORTED, meaning you look hella put-together when really, you’ve made a grand total of 2% effort. You can go all out and throw some white heeled boots on for the full effect, jazz up with a pop of colour in a pink shoe or stick to trainers because you’re the ultimate I-don’t-give-a-shit-but-also-look-real-cool-doing-nowt kinda gal.

Oh hai ironing board, lookin cute x

Lewk Numero Dos

Adorbs if-I-kit-my-one-day-2-year-old-out-in-this-she’d-be-SO-cool dress: old Zara, but a similar style (in the sale) can be found here
Belt: Gucci (I wish – it’s knock-off and from my holibobs to Majorca last year, what bants)
I-mean-business faux leather shacket: Topshop

I adore this dress SO much. It’s the perfect summer dress, except white always has a habit of making you look paler than you are, so it has a tendency to make ya look a lil washed out in the summer months. However, go ham on the white vibes and you’re making a big statement. If you’re a little scared with going overboard on the white, throw on a cheeky block-coloured belt to break it all up and voila, there’s ya go.

Lewk Numero Three (extent of my Spanish stops at number two, soz)

Hides-your-after-dinner-food-baby-rlly-well smock top: old Zara, but a similar style can be found by Zara here
Equally-hides-the-bub-well wrap skirt: similar style here on Asos

The two tones to the white vibe in this outfit break up the glare of the colour a little, so may be a safer bet for those of you not ready to go too cray with the colour blocking. This feels just right for spring, as you’re combatting the long sleeves of the top with the above-the-knee hemline on the skirt. I kinda feel like I wanna twirl around (in my lounge) and wear some plaits (to impress no one but myself), just because I can.

Now, ’tis your turn

Now, g’wan. It’s Sunday, it’s the ultimate nothing-to-do day, we’re in lockdown so what the frick else are you gonna have to do with your eve?! Just get stuck in your wardrobe and see what you can come up with! I’d love to see – I hereby challenge you to do an all-white lewk, too.

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