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by Maddie

Happy Friyay! Also, happy VE Day – a day of commemorating and remembering the incredible people that fought for us in the war. And happy second episode of The C Word podcast day, too!

Last week, Episode 1 went live on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor and more podcast-listening platforms, and TODAY Episode 2 – Riding the Waves (quite literally) is now LIVE on Spotify (soon to be coming to all other major listening platforms soon)!

Here’s a lil lowdown on Episode 2: The C Word is a well-being and lifestyle podcast for ordinary people, living ordinary lives, in this extraordinary time. I’m making it my mission every week to speak to a multitude of people to get their personal experiences at this crazy time, to share advice, support and positivity for us all. It’s a safe space to speak openly about how the coronavirus outbreak is making you feel.

The second episode is all about emotions. We’re all experiencing an absolute rollercoaster ride of emotions at the moment, and each day brings new waves of feelings to process and deal with. Life is surreal for everyone at the moment, but it’s particularly surreal for Chloe Brown. Chloe has been working on a cruise ship travelling the world for five months, but has spent the last two months of her voyage in lockdown. We speak to identify what life on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean on lockdown is like, and how she’s been riding the waves of her emotions at this turbulent time. This episode strives to look at how we can ride the emotional waves, come out the other side more positive and hopeful, and includes different strategies and experiences on dealing with the myriad, challenging emotions we may be experiencing at this unprecedented time.

Chloe, the guest on this week’s episode

So, if you fancy takin’ a little bit of time this Bank Holiday to have a listen of the episode, I’d be very grateful. I hope it brings some support and positivity into your week. You can do that here:

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