Have a listen to Episode 4 of The C Word Podcast (it’s a positive one!!) 🌞

by Maddie

Happy Friday! Another Friday, another C Word podcast episode!!! Okay, I’m so frickin’ buzzing about this week’s, because it’s absolutely brimming with positivity, laughter and good vibes from start to finish! This week, we’re talking the very things that keep us going in this ‘new normal’: gratitude and hope.

I speak with Chloe, an absolute ray of 🌞, a beautiful human and an all-round gem about what we’re grateful for RIGHT NOW, what’s keeping us positive, and what aspects of this strange now we want to bring with us into life after lockdown to create a more positive, inclusive society.

My guest for Episode 4!

The fourth episode of The C Word podcast aims to bring a rather large dose of sunshine, a generous helping of gratitude and a bountiful dusting of hope as a recipe for living as positively as possible in this new β€˜normal’. We’re living in incredibly challenging times – and now is the time to cling to what we’re grateful for and look forward to how we can shape society to be a more inclusive, positive and inspiring place once all of this is over. Each week, we aim to explore myriad ways the coronavirus outbreak has affected our collective well-being and societal psyche, and we try to look for positive outcomes, tips and advice at the end of each episode. Today, we’re taking a little interlude to bring some much-needed positive vibes your way. Let’s celebrate the positive lessons this unfathomably difficult experience has so far taught us, and speaking to Chloe, a University student, blogger and advocate of positivity and gratitude, this episode strives to celebrate the positive lessons this difficult experience has so far taught us, and explores how we can invoke positive change after this is all over.

We chat seagulls, time being a big, beautiful blob, the pick-me-ups (and 100% non-guilty pleasures) of High School Musical and ABBA, and get pretttty deep and spiritual about positivity and gratitude. I was laughing from start to finish recording this episode, and it lifted my mood immensely. I hope it brings a 😊 to your face, too!

Have a listen on Spotify now – I’d love to know your thoughts. Sending my love to you all and I hope you have a positive weekend xxxx

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