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by Maddie

Happy Friday! As May hurtles into June (how did we get there so quick?!) it’s time to announce Episode 5 of The C Word podcast! After today’s episode, I’m taking a lil break from all things C Word-podcast-related (there’ll still be blog posts going live, don’t worry) but it’s time for me to take a week or so off to unwind. I preach mental health a lot, but I’m not always the best at telling myself when to stop and take a break, so I’m going to try and do that now. But I thought it best we go out with a bang before I’m back again with Episode 6 before ya know it – so here’s the bang we’re going out with for now:

In case you’re new here: this is a podcast that’s come about in response to the myriad effects the Coronavirus outbreak is having on our societal psyche, our lifestyles and our well-being. This is a podcast for ordinary people, living ordinary lives in this extraordinary time – and aims to bring you, the listener, a little sunshine.

And in today’s episode, Episode 5, we’re delving into the weird and wonderful world of social media: ‘Help, I want to self-isolate from social media, as well!‘. For all its many flaws – and the surprising fact that it has become an absolute lifeline to many of us in this locked down period. Social media has literally become our social life (gulp) and how we navigate this new reality can be tricky. Speaking to Jade, a beautiful soul and successful lifestyle blogger, we try to unpick how exactly to distance from the s*** on social media, how to stop the dreaded, endless scroll and how to instead curate a positive virtual space for yourself at this challenging time.

Jade brings such a fresh, positive perspective on how to navigate the often overwhelming labyrinths of social media platforms and she brings some wonderful advice about how exactly to look after yourself online and create feeds that you want to find solace in at this crazy time.

My wonderful guest for Episode 5, @curiousjade

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of The C Word podcast so far! From being a guest; to listening to five mins of it; to listening to an entire episode. I just felt like well-being support was lacking in what is not only just a physical health crisis, but a mental health crisis, too – and I wanted to do something to help us all feel a little less alone in our confusing emotions. I hope we’ve managed to do that in some way. xxxx

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode – I’m so excited about it! For now, imma say “see ya in a bit” to The C Word podcast – but fear not, because in a couple of weeks’ time, I’ll be back with Episode 6 – and it’s going to be a corker. For now, here’s all 5 beaut episodes, so you can catch up on The C Word so far – giving you plenty of listen time until we’re back with another episode:

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