Say hello to The C Word podcast!

by Maddie

*Exciting announcement alert!* Say hello to The C Word podcast!!! Yes, that’s right – I’ve started a podcast! Wanna know a bit about it? Look no further than this post:

This is a podcast that’s come about in response to the myriad effects the Coronavirus outbreak has had on our societal psyche, our lifestyles and our well-being. This is a podcast for ordinary people, living ordinary lives in this extraordinary time – and aims to bring you, the listener, a little sunshine.

I started The C Word series back on my blog a few weeks ago, and you can read all about my inspiration for the series, which has spun off into its very own podcast, too, here. But in short, I felt that during this crazy, challenging period, there’s been plenty of advice and support for your physical health, a package of financial support for individuals in this country, a plethora of up-to-date scientific information online, and, of course, plenty of scaremongering has been going on in the media. But what I felt had been missing from the table was clear well-being support to help us transition to this new ‘normal’ and real stories from real people trying to adjust to the world we now find ourselves in.

The FIRST EVER EPISODE is now available over on Spotify, and hopefully on all your other fave podcast-listening platforms in the next few days! It’s called ‘Couch Potatoin” and deals with the complexities of being told to just ‘stay at home’ – a simple instruction, but one that has 360’ed our lifestyles and affected our well-being heavily. Speaking to two NHS nurses to hear their personal stories, this episode strives to delve into the fact that it’s okay to be struggling with ‘staying at home’, whilst exploring the emotions we’re all facing right now – to offer some positive tips to bring some sunshine into this tricky time.

@katrinafrances_ – guest on episode 1
@nurse.cara – guest on episode 1

I’d love it if you fancied having a listen – I wanted this to be a positive resource at this difficult time for anyone trying to get to grips with this new ‘now’ – and I hope it does that for you. 🙂

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