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by Maddie

Helloooo – long time no podcast speak, eh? I took a couple weeks off podcast malarkey to have a rest and some me-time – and then the world finally listened to all the important conversations we’ve been having about race – and I knew I wanted to focus an episode on Black Lives Matter.

I wanted to make sure I did this episode justice. I wanted to take the time necessary to do the inner work first – educate myself in all the ways I could, speak to those I trust, seek out the petitions I wanted to sign and, first and foremost, learn. We discuss ‘inner work’ a lot in this episode: it’s the work we need to do inside to educate ourselves, before we can outwardly contribute to larger causes. I wanted to take some time to work out the things I wanted this episode to say – because one podcast episode cannot cover all the ground we need to.

But it’s here and live now on Spotify – thanks to my wonderful, beautiful guest for this week: Alice Oluyitan.

2020 is teaching us many things. In a year of heartbreak, it’s very possible to believe we were sent these lessons to teach us all some glaringly obvious things society has been ignorant to for a very long time. The Black Lives Matter movement has gained further momentum as people wake up to the terrifying reality that racism is still prevalent in society in 2020. There is so much to say, so much that one podcast cannot go into, but speaking to Alice Oluyitan, founder of incredible, empowering online community, GBEMi, fashion developer for Fiorucci, member of the BAME community and devout Christian, we want to offer a safe space to explore the paramount importance of talking about race in 2020, and the things that listeners can commit to doing to make a change. From personal experiences of race in the UK and support for the BAME community, to petitions to sign, shows to watch and advice on allyship, this episode aims to sensitively explore the importance of taking action. We hope this episode does the movement justice. 

Please follow the lovely Alice on Instagram at: @gbemi.girl 

Resources referred to in this episode can be found on this blog post I wrote. Thank you for listening.

I shall be back in a week or so with another podcast episode – but until then, stay safe, stay positive and keep fighting for change. Thank you xx

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