The C Word Podcast: Confidence Crisis in Lockdown – Episode 7

by Maddie

So, this is it. The penultimate episode of The C Word podcast. I started this wee podcast back at the beginning of lockdown because I felt there wasn’t enough well-being support in what was fast becoming not just a physical health crisis, but a mental health crisis, as well. And now we’re here, the world is slowly reopening, we’re finding our feet again, and we’ve still got a lot to contend with when it comes to our health and well-being. And we’ve probably all dealt with a few confidence crises over the last few months.

I know I have. The overthinking spirals thanks to more time on my hands; the furlough life making me question every single life decision I’ve ever made; the crippling lack of confidence when it comes to being in a group social situation with people I don’t really know again, or attempting to make small talk in the kitchen at work when office working becomes the norm yet again. A year of uncertainty has undoubtedly led all of us towards a confidence wobble. When things are uncertain, we get uncertain. Life feels uncertain. In every aspect. So, let’s tackle this wobble with Episode 7.

Speaking to Chloe, the incredible mid-size blogger and H&M Ambassador who goes by the name of @unwrittenchloe online to her 15k followers, we aim to work out how to stop the overthinking spiral, handle confidence crises and grow comfortable in the skin we’re in.

Let’s work on this confidence thing, together, have a good rant about how we’re feeling and find some solutions for upping our self-belief!

As always, you can have a cheeky listen on Spotify (below) or you should be able to find us on all your other podcast-listening platforms – just type in ‘The C Word Podcast Madeleine Bourne’ and you’re sorted.

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