My favourite vintage finds (& how to get your hands on yours)

by Maddie

Long time no fashion post, hey? When I re-branded this blog back in January, I wanted my style content to be focused more on re-wearing and sourcing fashion consciously. I’m not perfect – and I don’t believe any of us should feel forced to be, and I still purchase the odd things from fast fashion brands just because my bank doesn’t take well to the high-end clothing brands online that are packaged as sustainable. Sustainability comes with a price tag – and a level of exclusivity we often don’t want to admit to. But I’m trying to buy new less, head to charity shops when I can (although this has been difficult for most of 2020) and source more affordable, vintage finds in Bristol.

Because whilst it may be impossible – for many of our own personal reasons – to be 100% eco-conscious all the time, if we all did our bit it would make a helluva lot more difference than just a few of us being perfect.

And that’s the mindset I’d love you to take – don’t pressure yourself if you can’t afford sustainable options of new-in fashion; just do what you can to help.

This might be: falling back in love with pieces in your wardrobe by restyling them in different ways – instead of splashing out on cheap fast fashion; heading to charity shops when possible; clothes swapping with friends; up-cycling items that no longer fit as you wish they would; sourcing thrifted finds from sustainable vintage shops.

If you can do your bit, that would be frickin’ awesome.

For me, I’ve got a few tips on how to pick yourself up some favourite vintage finds that you’ll re-wear time and again:

  • When vintage shopping, look for classic pieces that will carry you through the years. We’re talking classics like dungarees; well-made shirts; a good pair of vintage Levi’s; a dress with a classic shape that will always stay in style, such as a shift dress.
  • If you want some trend-based pieces – say you desperately want a tie-dye t-shirt, but you know you perhaps might be able to give it a better home after a couple summers’ wears – head to a charity or vintage shop to find one. Tie-dye is always in abundance in vintage stores.
  • Look for pieces you may be able to alter in some way – or wear more than one way to get varied use out of the clothing. For example, a men’s baggy tee in a vintage store could be tied at the waist for a crop top lewk, or left loose to become a t-shirt dress.
  • Look out for clothes sales from those you follow on Instagram. Admittedly, this one’s not quite vintage, but it’s a good way to ensure clothing isn’t ending up in landfill – and usually, these pieces are sold hella cheap, too.
  • If you’re based in Bristol, or fancy a visit, I would 110% recommend the big yellow vintage store on hilly Park Street – both un-branded and designer items alike, there are always some super unique pieces to be found.

So, now we’ve got the vintage hunting tips in order, shall we have a lil chat about the best vintage pieces I’ve picked up over the last couple years? Here are my faves for ya – these are versatile pieces – to maybe inspire your next vintage hunt:

The classic dungaree shorts

I have wanted some dungaree shorts for years. I’ve never found a pair that fit me just right – but a few weeks ago in the beautiful yellow vintage shop on Park Street in Bristol, I found the dungarees of my dreams. These are uber comfy, go with any top you own, are perfect for a lazy Sunday and are such good quality denim – they’re better than any dungarees you’d find in Topshop. Oh also, for some reason the straps have ‘Bum’ written on them – and I’m not mad about it.

The cowgirl waistcoat of my Coachella dreamz

I’ve, again, dreamed of owning a bohemian waistcoat for summer days and evenings, for twirling around in a field with, for a long, long time – but I wanted to hold out for the right piece. This being vintage, it’s so special and so well-made – and I just really want to know the story behind this piece. Who owned it long-ago; who else twirled around in a summer field in this? Pair with a white, floaty dress and there’s summer made.

The candyfloss pink turtleneck

This is such a beautiful piece – I picked it up at a kilo sale I got invited to in Coventry for my blog a year or so ago. It has been much-worn and much-loved since, travelling to London with me for my internship at Hearst Magazines, where I got compliments on it asking which brand it was from. It’s vintage, dahhling.

The Freddie Mercury-inspired jumper

I adore this jumper SO much. Working at The Students’ Union at UWE, I’m lucky that as a member of Team Marketing, we often get to snoop around the events brands come and put on for students before they’re open to le students. And this is a piece I picked up at a Vintage Vera event not long after I started my job at UWE. It’s very Freddie.

My favourite ever ever summer holiday dress

I wore this last year on the day that I found out I’d be graduating from the University of Birmingham with a 2:1 and I was bloody ecstatic. This dress has seen me through so many good times since – and it really is my favourite ever summer dress. I feel very ‘me’ in it – and it fits like a glove. Definitely a special vintage find.

The funky shirt

If there’s one thing vintage shops and kilo sales EXCEL in, it’s funky shirts. They’re often unisex, they’re often colourful, and they often have a print that doesn’t really make sense, but is uber cool. I just adore the blues and oranges in this – and it makes me happy when I wear it.

The oh-I-could-be-an-artist shirt

When I throw this on oh-so-casually, I feel like I could grab an easel and start painting. I always get a lot of compliments on this shirt, and it’s the perfect throw-on for those chillier summer evenings.

The checked shoulder-pad-power shirt

I bought this from the lovely Rafaellah Ponce, the lovely Bristol-based blogger, the other week – she was doing a wee clear out and clothing sale on Instagram. Yes, I know it’s not fully vintage, but I did say it was a great tip to share around clothes instead of buying new. Plus, I’m pretty sure she bought this vintage to begin with, so there you go!

I hope this post has given ya some vintage inspo and will carry you through to your next vintage hunt. I’d love to hear about your favourite vintage finds – please let me know what pieces have stood the test of time with you!

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Katrina 2nd September 2020 - 12:33 pm

All of these outfits are gorgeous, I love the dungaree shorts!
I need to have a browse around to find some clothes, I always just shop online x


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