So, where does this blog go from here?

by Maddie

A big question. You might have noticed I’ve not posted in a little while! Updates are in order. So, let’s explain where the frick I’m going to be taking this blog from now on!

Here are some pics of me lookin’ fresh faced on my bdaaay in Portishead!

Excuse for not posting numero uno: I got me a new job!

I’m very excited to announce (and sad as well, ‘cos leaving was bittersweet) that I’ll be starting a new job from Monday 7th September (2 days from when I’m writing this ah nervy)! I’m very sad to be leaving my lovely role of Marketing Assistant at The Students’ Union at UWE and all the incredible colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of working with, but my new role is very exciting for a few reasons! I’ll be working as a Copywriter and Content Assistant for a wonderful Marketing Agency I have been freelancing for the past year – and not only is the role closer to what I want to do as a wee wannabe journalist, I get to work with some amazing clients and people! There are a couple of other perks to the role I shall explain in a second!

Excuse for not posting numero dos: We had some big life decisions to make

Before coronavirus hit, I was determined to move to London this September. Not because I particularly wanted to (I find London overwhelming) but I thought I had to to pursue journalism. However, coronavirus has happened, it’s made me realise how much I just adore Bristol, and I’ve realised the importance of slowing down and not rushing through life. So, we made the decision to stay in our beautiful Bristolian flat for another year! It was a tough decision, but one I am so grateful for, as I get to pursue a new job I am SO excited about, relish this time in beautiful Bristol, and pursue freelance journalism and blogging from the comfort of the city I love SO much. Don’t let anyone make you think London is the only way to secure a career, people!

Excuse for not posting numero dos: I was taking a wee break

Myself and Sam finally managed to get some annual leave sorted TOGETHER and we headed on a couple of little trips the last couple weeks. Firstly, we hit Liverpool (oot oot) and I ADORE the city so much. It reminds me of Bristol; just a more built-up version! Then, we spent my birthday eve and birthday morn in beautiful Portishead, a lovely seaside town not far from us in Bristol. I’ve had some much needed days off after working solidly since December, so I put the blog to the side for a little bit to take some me time. So: get ready and expect some travel content very soon.

So, where does that leave Madeleine Mae?

I’m absolutely buzzing to say that it’s not time to say goodbye to this baby just yet. My blog has been with me on and off since November 2016, and I’m not ready to finish blogging just yet! I’m actually thrilled to say that my new job role is not only remote (giving me more time and freedom in the day to focus on this blog) but it’s a 4-day working week – the dream! So, I will have more time than I have ever had since starting this blog to finally make it exactly the website I want it to be! Every Friday, I’ll be off work, creating content, writing more, building this website to become the website I’ve always dreamed of it becoming. I absolutely cannot wait to get started on this from 11th September – and you can expect a whole lot more from me over here and also over on my Instagram, Twitter (both @maddiemae_xo) and Facebook.

Happy ‘cos I get to write and blog more!

So, for those of you that continue to read this little website I started back in 2016, thank you – and I hope I can now finally commit to this space on the internet properly and give it the time it deserves.

I can’t wait to start this next chapter very, very soon! I’ll be back next week with many more posts. Thanks for supporting me!

Lotsa love xxxx

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Kate 5th September 2020 - 2:40 pm

Congratulations on the new job Maddie!! Buzzing for you ❤

Katrina 18th September 2020 - 3:49 pm

Ahh I’m so excited to see more content from you!
Congrats on the job! x


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