5 ways to elevate your loungewear so it’s rewearable post-pandemic

by Maddie

I’m going to type something right now which I think is probably an unpopular opinion: instead of shaming people for buying fast fashion from time to time, we need to encourage those who’ve chosen the fast lane to slow their consumption, and rewear the pieces they have purchased in creative, fun ways. There are a myriad of reasons why someone might choose to shop fast fashion; personal reasons that we often forget to sympathise with when pointing the blame. From lack of money to shop at independent, pricier, eco-friendly labels, to using clothing hauls as a coping mechanism for poor mental health, we discount these very valid difficulties when chastising people for not shopping sustainably. I know, for one, I turn to the clothing brands I’ve grown up with when I’m struggling with a difficult patch of anxiety, and whilst I’m trying to find better coping strategies, sometimes you slip into ‘bad habits’. So, with that in mind, this blog post is a wee guide to elevating your loungewear so it’s worth rewearing post-pandemic.

Even the most conscious consumers in our midst have probably fallen victim to the insatiable pull of loungewear over the last 12 months. A type of clothing that didn’t even exist in my wardrobe pre-pandemic, I now own two sets of loungewear I rotate on a weekly basis (whilst the other’s in the wash). They’ve become my most-worn items of clothing during the pandemic, and I’m rightfully concerned that the second a *more normal* life resumes, they’ll risk being stuffed into a dark corner of my wardrobe, never to see the light of a post-pandemic day. So, I’m determined to find ways to elevate my loungewear so these pieces are definitely worth wearing after coronavirus has fecked off.

So, without further ado, how do you elevate your loungewear? How do you create off-the-sofa looks that are worthy of parading outside? And how do you ensure your loungewear works just as much as separates as they does as two-pieces? Let’s ‘ave a look, shall we?

Vino’s ready – I’m not messing around

Loungewear Lewk 1: The Co-ord

Get yourself a cracking set of loungewear that nods to a classic period of style and you’ve got an out-the-house-worthy look already. Fuss-free and sofa-ready, this all-out-70s-vibes loungewear co-ord from Nasty Gal (yes, because loungewear is expensive and I could only afford it on 50% off okay) is the inspo I’m giving you today. Every single fashion brand is doing loungewear right now, so grab yours from a brand you adore and I promise it’ll take you through the pandemic and beyond.

For this look, to get outside I’d throw on my oversized trench coat for further ’70s vibes, layer up with chunky rings to bring a put-together feel to the outfit and slip my feet into some chunky trainers. Good to go – for daily walk, Netflix binge-watching or brunch post-pandemic.

Lewk 2: Jeans and a Nice Top

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I never really wear jeans all that much. I tend to always feel super uncomfortable in them, and floaty dresses are much more my bag, but once you pair your super soft loungewear with a pair of your favourite jeans, you’ll feel the right mix of put together and slouchy.

These are my long-time jean loves from Topshop, and I’ve worn these to death over the years so they’re starting to fade. However, I think the light-wash denim goes perfectly with the mustard loungewear tee. Tucked in or out of your trousers, loungewear over jeans is the trend that’s set to stay.

Lewk 3: Business Caszh

Office-ready up top; wfh-ready on the bottom. If there’s one non-negotiable I have when it comes to dressing up to work from home it’s an elasticated waistline. I’m all for getting dressed up mid-pandemic, because it brings me an important sense of normality, instils my identity and helps me feel comfortable for the day ahead. But give me an elasticated waistband only, please Lord.

The mustard and blue compliment each other so well, and I think the boxy nature of the shirt gives some structure to an otherwise perhaps unforgiving outfit. Flared loungewear is perfect for teaming with a more structured silhouette on top.

Shirt is v old Topshop, but I’m sure you can grab yourself a similar style at a chazza shop, Depop or online.

Lewk 4: ’70s Dreamer

If there’s one thing the ’70s taught me (I was born in ’97 but I have Google, y’know) it’s that layering is the key to a damn fashionable, quirky, interesting lewk you’ll be wanting to throw on again and again. We want longevity out of the pieces we own, and to stave off the urge to splurge on fast fashion, it’s important to continually shop your own wardrobe to get excited about the creative ways you can rewear pieces.

Everyone has a classic denim skirt. Everyone has a turtleneck that’s perfect for layering. Everyone has loungewear. So get your layer on and create the quirkiest looks possible – I dare ya. This outfit is the most ‘me’ I’ve felt in a long while, and I’ll be taking that feeling with me post-pandemic, thanks.

The denim skirt is old Nasty Gal. Star print jumper of turtleneck dreams is the wonderful indie brand Saturday by Megan Ellaby – yes, that’s THE Megan Ellaby. I met her once and she’s my style QUEEN – that’s all.

Loungewear Lewk 5: Ready To Go Out Out

It doesn’t even matter what top you use with this look. It doesn’t have to be a vest, like I shared here. Just get your glitzy, sparkly, fun going out-out top that hasn’t seen the light of day in 12 months, and pair it with your loungewear bottoms, and you’re SORTED. Maybe throw your hair in a bun, slap some lippy on, and it doesn’t matter if this was carelessly put together, because post-pandemic, the TINIEST amount of effort will look Pryzm-club-toilets-on-a-Friday-night levels of sass.

Glass of vino, optional.

Top is old Asos – hopefully you can dig something out your wardrobe, but if not, see some inspo here.

I REALLY hope this has got you in the mood to elevate your loungewear – and has made you excited about post-pandemic life. I’d love to see your own take on this – how are you styling your comfies for life OUTSIDE? Tag me on Instagram at @maddiemae_xo and we can have a good old natter about it.

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