Shop your wardrobe: One statement co-ord, 3 ways

by Maddie

I’m on a bit of a mission to help you shop your wardrobe and find a new-found love for the pieces you already own. Now, I’m someone who still shops fast fashion and is not perfect when it comes to tackling sustainability in the style stakes – but as lots of us are right now, I’m learning. Instead, I really want to normalise the conversation where, instead of punishing those that have shopped fast fashion, we understand the many reasons why we perhaps may still buy into long-loved brands (lack of disposable income; poor mental health etc.) and we instead encourage sustained rewear of those pieces. That can be done very easily: shop your wardrobe with me! Because by finding a new love for the pieces that already exist in our wardrobes, we’ll be a step closer to saying ‘no, thank you’ next time a Zara haul pops up on our Instagram feed.

So, are you ready to shop your wardrobe with me?

This week, we’re tackling my love for a statement piece. When it comes to style, I love print, colours, clashes: anything bold. The concern with these kind of pieces is that they might not seem the most rewearable on a first glance. However, one thing that’s close to my heart when it comes to style is that you should wear what makes you feel your absolute BEST. So much of our identities come from the clothes we choose to wear, so if bold and loud is what you’re into (snap!), you can find a way to rewear those pieces in fresh and exciting ways. It just might take a little more thought than mixing and matching neutral basics.

So, I’m here to show you that no matter how statement a piece you own is, you can STILL make it work a myriad different ways!

So, are you ready to shop your wardrobe with me – one statement co-ord, 3 ways?

The statement co-ord in question

This co-ord from Warehouse was a statement purchase, but it’s one I know I will get the most out of for years to come. The key with statement styling is working out before you buy if the colours and patterning lends themselves to throwaway trends, or if they’re here to stay. For me, I know 70s styling is something that inspires my wardrobe so this look is a definite nod to the era, and slouchy jumpers and tube skirts are all-year-round go-tos. So I know each year I’ll be reaching for these as a co-ord and as separates. Plus, I kind of want to be buried in this outfit – so I think that’s a pretty surefire way of confirming I’ll have these pieces to treasure for many years to come.

The statement skirt reworked

I think a failsafe way of styling up a pretty bold piece is to go with a complimentary tonal theme throughout the rest of the look. For me, this outfit screams pastels; the pastel blue in the skirt paired so easily with this pastel purple top. The tube skirt lends itself to a more sporty look that works so well with trainers, so I went for a sporty crop top to finish off the look. Throw on a pastel, statement waistcoat to really go all-in on the statement trend, and you’re done!

The statement jumper reworked

The other way I like to approach statement styling is by offsetting a busy print with a plain section of the outfit, to let the statement piece really do the talkin’. So I grabbed a trusty mustard skirt I’ve worn to death over the years, leaning into those 70s classic colours, and this is just comfort in an outfit.

You can check out the wee reel I posted over on my Instagram to see the looks styled up!

So, why don’t you grab your most statement, out there piece from your wardrobe and challenge yourself to style it in three new ways? Let me know what your looks are over on Instagram – I can’t wait to see!

If you fancy having a read of some more of my style content, you know what to dooooo (click the link, if that wasn’t obvious).

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