About Moi

by Maddie

Hello! Welcome to my blog-turned-portfolio-website. There’s still a scattering of blog posts here and there, because I’m too sentimental to say goodbye to my blogging days.

I’m Madeleine Bourne. I’m a freelance lifestyle journalist who’s written for the likes of Cosmopolitan, ELLE and Refinery29, and I’m basically just really passionate about voicing the unvoiced in mainstream media. You can find my Portfolio over here.

I graduated in 2019 from the University of Birmingham with a degree in English & Creative Writing and a long-held passion to get into the magazine journalism industry. I’m passionate about first-person pieces, trends in life, style and interiors, and also am partial to a music feature here and there. Here’s a bit about me:

I’ve had a love for writing since I was 9-years-old. I used to mock up my own copies of Girl Talk magazine after school, and wrote a highly astute fiction series chronicling the misadventures of a young girl called Crazy Maizy (misspelling intentional, apparently) to while away my free time. I clearly was a sociable little kid.

However, that love for creativity and that passion for writing has stayed with me since I was diddy, and I graduated from the University of Birmingham in July 2019 with a degree in English & Creative Writing and a long-held aspiration to become a magazine journalist.

Since then, I moved to beautiful Bristol, my favourite city in the world, for a ‘year-off’ of sorts to pursue an on-the-side marketing job and kickstart my journalist reality with freelancing. The aim was to move to London in September 2020 because that felt like the only place to go to kickstart a career in journalism – but then the pandemic hit. I was lucky over the last 12 months to have an opportunity to continue growing my freelance journalism work from beautiful Bristol, and it utterly transformed my priorities.

I got to explore the city I now call home, immerse myself in the incredible communities and epic media landscape that exists in Bristol, and this experience has made me rethink my priorities. I’m a tourist in my own city, and people frequently tell me I’m in love with Bristol – so I realised that this city is not just home, but, thankfully, it’s a place where I can continue to cultivate my career. Journalism isn’t just in London, after all! So, I’m setting up shop in Bristol and I’m continuing to build my journalism career in what I (with bias) call the best city ever.

We stan Bristol !!

I’ve been commissioned for the likes of Cosmo, ELLE, Refinery29Heat Magazine and more. You can find out more in the Portfolio section of this site. I’ve also carved a little space online for this blog, having interviewed musicians such as Lewis Capaldi, Nina Nesbitt, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and more, and I’ve worked with brands such as Dior and Neon Rose.

From my Dior collaboration

I’m passionate about three main things: breaking down taboos by opening up and writing about topics that don’t get enough attention in mainstream media; discussing well-being in all its forms, because God knows that’s important in 2021; trends-based features across subjects such as life, style, interiors and music.

Big on style, me – case in point: sequin skirt worn AFTER New Year – shocker

If you’re interested in working with me, please pop me an email on [email protected] – and don’t forget I’m also on Instagram at @maddiemae_xo.

Thanks so much for stopping by – don’t forget to check out my Portfolio here!

I know 2021 is not the travel-fest we hoped for, but I hope any blog posts on this site can bring a slice of positivity