About Moi

Hiya, pals.

Hi it meeeee

I’s been blogging a lil while now (since my first year at university) but I’ve not as yet had the chance to really go to town ’round here.

I primarily blog about all things lifestyle, fashion and music – with the occasional travel post thrown in. That’s when ya gal manages to save up enough student loan throughout the year to afford a holiday. Cries.

As always has been, you can follow me across the socials of social media. My Instagram and Twitter handles are both @maddiemae_xo – which is convenient for remembering them, yet shows my lack of originality to think of a better name. Ur welcome.

I’m currently a third year English & Creative Writing student at the University of Birmingham – which means you’ll often find me stiflin’ a sob in the library, or procrastinating via watching vids of lil sausage doggos, dreaming of a better time when one day I can be a proud momma to said lil sausage doggy.

However, 2019 is a year of change – and come May (when graduation comes bringing its handsome lil face) I am revamping this blog o’ mine and taking it in a new, not yet discovered and still secretive, direction! So readers, general public, PRs who might be interested in usin’ me for campaigns (pls where r u gal needs monies) I’ll be ready for action come May!

Until then, ya will have to deal with this gal posting just once a week :'( as deadlines as still hitting in force. However, I’ve decided to use Wednesday as my upload day, so you can use me as a necessary source of procrastination to get you thru hump day! Yay for Madeleine Mae!

Thank you so much for those of you that read me lil blog on the reg – I really do appreciate it as keeping on track with everything I wanna do round here is increasingly difficult with university on the cards. Let’s roll on May, y’all!