About Moi

by Maddie

Hiya, pals.

How ya doin’? How ya feelin’? 2020’s been a difficult one so far, hasn’t it? 

Welcome to me blog. I hope this space, which has been such an outlet for me this difficult year, brings a good dose of ‘I feel so seen’ to you and a generous sprinkling of light relief along for the ride, too.

I’m Madeleine – but most people call me Maddie. I’m a wannabe journalist and I graduated from the University of Birmingham last July with a degree in English & Creative Writing. And I desperately want a career in womxn’s magazines.

So, as people often tell me, I picked a dying industry to get into. Smart move, Mads.

But journalism shouldn’t die. Womxn’s magazines offer a space for young womxn to shape their identities, feel celebrated, empowered and – yes – ‘seen’. Community is fostered between a magazine’s pages – and I know growing up with magazines shaped my identity at an impressionable age. They made me feel comfortable in my own skin. They made me realise standing out is okay. And they made me realise my love for writing.

Yes, I did make my own versions of Company Magazine (RIP) as a pre-teen. Yes, I had friends (don’t know how). But now I’m 22, I’m working full-time as a Marketing Assistant whilst freelancing on the side as a copywriter and sub-editor for various brands, and I’m TRYING to work my way towards my dream career. And this blog is a space I’ve been creating since November 2016 to offer support to other young people, a space to feel ‘seen’ and a chance to talk about all things life, style, music and taboo to break down society’s bullsh*t.

You can find over ‘ere:

  • Hey, Boo: the section of the blog I’m most proud of, this was an idea I had back in January to start writing about the kinds of things people don’t like to admit. I try to tackle as many taboo subjects as possible, to help other young people like me realise their emotions and experiences deserve to be normalised.
  • Life: I’m a fan of lifestyle content. This could be chatting about topics we encounter in our twenties, this could be travel posts (I mean, 2020’s not been great on that front, but I’ve got a back catalogue of fun travel musings), this could be day-to-day ramblings about all things life. You can read more here.
  • Style: In 2020, I’m learning the importance (long-overdue, I’m aware) of shopping consciously. For the planet, for garment workers, for your wardrobe. I’m learning the beauty of rewearing, upcycling, vintage shopping, charity finds. And whilst I’m not perfect (sometimes my bank balance only allows for a quick online shop) and I wouldn’t want to encourage perfection, if we can all do our bit to help the ol’ environment that would be stellar. I’m a fashion FAN, I’m a colour combo OBSESSIVE and I love me some style. Check it owt here.
  • Music: And finally, the section I’m trying to give some more love to again in 2020. This blog never intended to be a music one, but I’ve been somehow granted some incredible opportunities over the past couple of years that have stemmed from my love for music. I actually sing, play guitar and piano (who’da known it? I haven’t performed in years) and I did Music for A-Level, so it’s always been with me. And I have since had the chance to interview international musicians such as Lewis Capaldi, Nina Nesbitt, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Sabrina Carpenter (of Disney Channel fame) and more – and you can find all these interviews on ze blog. Here’s hoping as we enter a safer world out of 2020, I’ll be able to breathe some life into this section once again.
  • The C Word Podcast: I started a podcast a few months ago, to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the lives of ordinary people. When the pandemic first began, I felt there wasn’t any comprehensive mental health support out there for people like you and me. We knew how we needed to look after our physical health, the news media were reporting stories of incredible bravery and unfathomable sadness, but there was nothing there to find out how your neighbour down the street was coping. How people just like us were coping. So I started The C Word – and you can find out more about the podcast, my incredible guests who are just ordinary folk muddling through in this trying time, and how to listen here.

So, there you have it. That’s me in a nutshell! If you want to find out more about my freelance work and the services I can offer, please check out my ‘Portfolio’ page – I’ve written for the likes of Elle Decoration Magazine, Heat Magazine and TMRW, and have written copy and edited for brands such as Virgin StartUp, Basilico Pizza and Green Goat Pizza. I’m a gal who’s always open for new opportunity and work, and I’d love to extend my clients – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch on [email protected] if ya fancy!

And finally, I guess all there’s left to say is: thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate you reading the ol’ blog and if you want to stay in touch, I’m @maddiemae_xo on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram’s my baby, other than this blog baby, so you’ll always find me over there chatting some kinda s***.

See ya in a bizzle!